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It really is a long-lasting and not straightening rainproof treatment for hair.
Its distinctive qualities guarantee immediate and durable results that you can’t help it. Suitable for all types of hair.


Simple & Natural

Simplicity and nature in order to achieve visible results. Organic olive oil and clorophyll are the essentials that make the difference. Are you curious?
For hundreds of years there have been natural products that gave us the chance to have our hair both beautiful and healthy. By now, it’s proven that the term “health”, regards to hair, doesn’t necessarily mean applying treatments or masks: just read the label before everything else. Really is without sulfates (SLS and SLES), parabens, EDTA, petroleum, chemical additives, artificial colouring, benzoates, but it’s rich in organic olive oil, clorophyll and vitamin E. Health and wellness for skin and hair.


Curly hair will stay curly, straight hair will stay straight. Inner and outer flexibility is the heart of our treatment. Do you think your hair can get better?
A qualified hairdresser thinks of styling hand in hand with nature, quality and texture of the hair: these are essential aspects to keep in mind for the desired look. In any case, it’s vital to create definition to hair and sand down its texture, especially if it’s brittle or damaged. It’s hard to reach the real beauty, but the Really rainproof treatment does all of that just in one fell swoop: now, with healthy, smooth and strong hair, you can cut or blow dry it as many times as you want.

Super fast

Everything is easier after our treatment, thanks to its immediate results. Just three simple moves will change your habits. Do you want to know why?
Shampoo, rainproof treatment, twenty minutes sit time, rinse and blow dry. The combination of active plant ingredients, advanced technology and technical and professional knowledge made sure that your dream of beauty would come true. As easy and as quick as a simple mask, but at the same time more performing and durable like a technician treatment. Just a few simple steps to get guaranteed results: when it’s so easy, it’s better.

Research & Development

The result is the income of experience, ambition and wishes. Your hair will be in better shape and will look great, without hair straighteners or curling wands. Here’s why.
The first goal of research is to improve what’s improvable. The conventional method resorts to hair straighteners or curling wands that, in the long term, tend to make your hair more sensitive, dry and damaged. With this background, your wish for perfect, skinny hair is going to remain unfulfilled, obviously. The Really rainproof treatment, instead, restores the normal habits, and brings your hair to the ideal conditions. It can be done!

What type of hairstyle do you have?

Who are you?


The Really rainproof treatment guarantees long lasting discipline to your hair, as order, precision, rigour and brilliance are keywords for those who need perfectly styled hair and don’t want to think too much about it because there’s work do to. Really is perfect for you: now, blow drying and shaping are going to be much more easier. Your hair will become soft to the touch and more comfortable to brush. Just a stroke and you’ll be ready for your duties.


The Really rainproof treatment gives amazing benefits to fitness lovers. Your frequent but mandatory washings after working out, in fact, are bound to dehydrate and dry your hair, exposing it to rain, humidity and steam. Therefore, the shape is quickly lost. The Really rainproof treatment assures long lasting discipline and reconstruction of your damaged hair. The blow drying process will result much more easier and your hair is going to be perfecly shaped.


Order, brightness, softness and beauty are just a few of the advantages that the Really rainproof treatment gives to you and your hair. Compared to the styling you do at home or at a salon, in the first place it will be quicker, and secondly it extends the duration without using any hair straighteners or curling irons, much to the advantage of your hair’s health. Rain, steam and humidity won’t make it to ruin your perfect look. Insured benefits, for people who want more.


The Really rainproof treatment is perfect for who doesn’t have time to give to her hair. Like you, who dry your hair carelessly and then you knot or tie it and, when you’re in need, you choose to use a hair straightener. But you actually would love to have a little more, wouldn’t you? Whether you’re a woman, a girl or a teenager, the Really rainproof treatment will keep your hair perfectly shaped for weeks and weeks, doing basically nothing!

The #ReallyLovers Messages


It gave my curls new life. It doesn’t weigh them down and it made them soft and shiny. It’s perfect for me, since I like to keep my hair naturally curly. Thanks to the rainproof treatment!


I don’t use the umbrella anymore and my hair doesn’t suffer at all from that! It’s always shiny, smooth and perfectly in place. I said goodbye to frizziness thanks to the rainproof treatment!


Before that, I used to wash my hair everyday, now I do it once every two days. Then, my hair was flat and weighed down by the fog, now it’s supported, lighter and unaffected by external agents. Really does work! 🤩


Thanks to Really, I can wash my hair at any time, since I managed to halve the time necessary for the drying phase and completely forget my hair straightener. With Really, health = beauty = practicality. It’s perfect for women who don’t have much time to give to the styling and for any last minute needs. Try it for yourself!


Really is fantastic. The styling lasts a whole week, without any trouble, even in bad weather. It really is rainproof, I recommend everyone to try it.


These products are amazing. My hair is very thin, but after washing it appears to be double the size, it’s more thick and it resists all weathers. Above all, I don’t even have to blow dry it in the morning: all I need is a couple of brush strokes and the game is done. Thank you Really!


Me and my daughter did this treatment, we bought these products to use at home. It’s fantastic: the styling is way more easy and quick, our hair is very soft, and our curls are well defined. A special cuddle and a guaranteed result.


Shampoo, mask and hair oil by Really are the top. Shiny hair, easy to dry, lighter and the styling lasts a lot. I’m so happy, try them!


Emanuele Spagnoli, born in 1973, father of two children and son of an artist. His artistic career starts at the age of 14, while in 2000 he inaugurates his prestigious salon in the heart of his town, San Benedetto del Tronto. Hairdresser and stylist in fashion and cinematic arts, educator and consultant for a multinational beauty company. Up to the creation of the first rainproof treatment for hair in the world, under the REALLY brand, which marks a turning point in the history of coiffure. Thanks to the blend of ingredients made in collaboration with a galenic pharmacist, the product “fills” the hair, preventing external agents, such as smoke and water, from coming in. Tests conducted on many models received a positive response about the actual deal of being rainproof, without forgetting the great results in brilliance, lightness, ease and duration of the brushing or the styling compared to traditional techniques.
“The result is an actual sensorial experience, waiting to be tried and discovered” says Emanuele, the inventor.


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